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3rd Millennium Screen Savers - Freeware screensavers for Win95 users, with some Win 3.x versions. With brief descriptions and file sizes.

A Nucleus of Shareware - DTP and animation freeware, shareware, demos and plug-ins for PC users.

Albert's Ambry - Software search engine for locating Amiga, DOS, Mac, OS/2, Win95/NT/3.x shareware.

Beyond.com - Go directly to the free downloads available here.

CNET - Freeware and shareware available here.

DMS Software Online - Over 30,000 software programs for PC, Mac and handheld users, available for download or mail order.

Down-LinX - Indexes over 1750 commercial and shareware programs for Windows with brief descriptions and direct links to downloads.

Dr. Download - Let Dr. Download prescribe all your software needs, including games, utilities, plug-ins, audio/video files, and a wide range of freeware apps.

EverythingCD - CD-ROM compilations of FileMaker Pro, Macintosh Scripting, and Palm Pilot software which can be ordered online.

Fat Bill's Links to Win95 Freeware - Indexes the best Windows95 freeware, chosen on the basis of its size, utility, and quality.

File Mine - Must-have shareware, freeware, demos, and games for Win, DOS, Mac, Unix, Amiga, and Atari. Rated, reviewed, and ready to download!

FilePile - Earth's largest shareware archive? Search the entire thing or browse the DOS, Win95/NT/3.x, OS/2, or Mac sections.

Free2000Software -

Free Zone - Download freeware, shareware, trialware and demos. All files are searchable, categorized, rated, and include categories such as business and games.

Garbo - Primarily an MS-DOS shareware archive, with smaller collections of Windows, Mac, Unix, X11, NeXT, and Sinclair QL programs.

Global Download System - Selection of programs to download for all platforms, with descriptions. Divided into six categories.

Index of Software Libraries - Indexes archives of shareware, freeware, demos, and betas for desktop and handheld platforms.

InfoWare - Search engine that looks through more than 30,000 business software apps for a match to your needs.

Java Source Code Archive - Source code archive from Core Web Programming, a Prentice Hall text on Java and Web programming. Documented source free for unrestricted use.

Jumbo - Over 200,000 programs and downloads for Macintosh, Windows, OS/2, Linux, and DOS. Includes shareware, freeware, and commercial demos.

LookSmart Spotlight Site - Shareware/Freeware - Read reviews and download the best shareware and freeware including games, utilities, and anti-virus software. From About.com.

MSN Downloads - Shareware/Freeware downloads availabel from Microsoft in 26 categories.

NTIS Federal Computer Products Center - Over 1,200 US Government software products and files from the National Technical Information Service. Order by fax, email, mail or phone.

OAK Software Repository - Oakland University offers computer software to Internet users free of charge. Includes Walnut Creek archive, CP/M archive, and SIMTEL.

Pass The Shareware Please - Directory of the best shareware archives on the Web, viewable by platform. Also includes individual shareware title/authors sites.

RegSoft.com - Try out and register shareware and freeware online. Includes over 10 download categories including games, themes, and business.

Shareware.com - Browse a large collection of downloadable software. Search popular and new titles for all platforms

Shareware Directory - Categorizes shareware into more than 12 categories, including business, desktop, graphics, and programming.

Shareware Junkies - Win95/3.x, Mac, and OS/2 shareware reviewed by users around the world and available for online download and registration.

Slaughterhouse.com - Daily reviews and updates of Windows software.

Software Centre - Croatian download site picks and reviews what it considers to be the best shareware and freeware for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

Software Shack - Discount commercial software for Win, Mac, Unix, DOS and WinCE users.

Software Store - Selection of computer software can be accessed through a variety of categories. Scan 3,000 downloadable titles or browse the bookshelf.

Super City Mall - Shopping mall style collection of downloadable software. Has a shopping basket applet that keeps track of your purchases.

Superstore Direct - Discounted prices on software available for direct download or for worldwide shipping.

The Shareware Place - Direct search and download of all major software category titles from this virtual software library. Includes links to other shareware sites.

The Software Shak - Demo versions of around 100 commercial software packages for Mac, Windows, DOS and Unix, some with features disabled.

Topsoft.com - Freeware, shareware, and commercial apps for Win, Mac and DOS with guides, tutorials, and tips. Maintained by the publishers themselves.

TuCows Software - Massive selection of Windows 3.x and 95, and Macintosh applications and utilities. Includes Internet packages, audio, and graphics utilities.

ZDNet Software Library - Over 10,000 shareware files for Win95/NT and Mac OS, reviewed, rated and screened for viruses. (***)

ZD Internet Megasite - Demos and downloads site for ZD Internet magazine, providing Internet applets, demos, and free software for all platforms. Updated weekly. (****)








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