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Paradox 8 With its accessible tools, help features and developer enhancements, you will find what you are looking for. $99.95

Programmer's Paradise - Buy almost any software development package under the sun. Also has hardware, resources and books. (****)

Turbo C++ Suite  Everything you need to learn C++ programming. $57.95

VisualAge for Java Pro 2.0 Easily build Java applications, applets, servlets, and JavaBeans components. $70.95

Visual Basic 6.0 Learning Edition All the tools you need to create professional looking applications for Windows. $49.95 after $50.00 conditional rebate

Visual Foxpro - Professional Edition available through Value America

RedHat Linux 5.2 Operating System Deluxe 712692951996 The newest version of the most popular and widely praised implementation of Linux -- the world's fastest-growing operating system! This value-added package includes four electronic versions of expert guides for Linux users.









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