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Software testing is at it's most complex state at the present and will continue to multiply in complexity with amazing speed. This growth is necessary as new software explodes with more functionality and portability than ever before. The technology of development, environments, production and integration drives automated software testing to new frontiers. It is essential for any organization to properly research, plan, implement and track the testing of it's central nervous system - the IT system. Software being the more dynamic member of the IT system, it requires surgical scrutiny. Many software testing tools are available, some even specialize in a particular software package.




Testing Tools


AutoTester Inc. (AutoTester Client/Server, AutoController)
Bullseye Testing Technology (C-Cover)
CenterLine (QC/Advantage)
Compuware (QACenter)
Cyrano (VTPack)
Information Processing Limited (Cantata, AdaTEST)
Mercury Interactive Inc. (WinRunner, TestDirector, LoadRunner)
Numega (CodeReview, BoundChecker, TrueTime, FailSafe)
Reliable Software Technologies (WhiteBox)
Rational Software Corporation (Visual Test, SQA Suite)
RSW Software (e-Tester, e-Load, e-Monitor)
Segue Software Inc. (QA Partner)
Software Research Inc. (TestWorks)


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Kaner -

Marick's Corner - Siye dedicated to software testing. Links to companies, reviews and related sites.

SQA Test -









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