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Club Photo - Put your picture on a mousepad or coffee cup, even teddy bears and cookies.

EasyFoto.com - Provides all the resources necessary to thoroughly enjoy the digital photography craze. Every picture can be framed in one of several digitally designed frames, placed in a choice of decorative albums and viewed with any number of beautiful backgrounds.

IFPO - International Freelance Photographers Organization - Membership allows entry into Freelance Assignment Bank, workshops, sales of stock photos, contests and more.

Manuals R Us - Enter a camera make and model and download the camera manual.

Nikonnet - From Nikon, this site goes way beyond the use of it's cameras with tutorials, articles, tips, pictures and more. (****)

PhotoHighway - Reviews, articles, how to's and more. (***)

Photowow.com - Turn your photos into artwork, gifts and more.

The Schankman Server - Over 15,000 images depicting the history of photography.








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