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Cool Sites


24 hours of adrenalin - Lists all the 24 hours of adrenalin races. Includes photos, message board and online store.

Adventure Cycling Association -

Bicycle Online- Bicycle news, reviews, product tests, classifieds and more.

Bike Reviews- Ratings and reviews of over 2000 bikes and bike gear.

Bike Winter- Site based in Chicago about winter cycling.

bikemag.com - Online version of Bike Magazine with articles, reviews, trail guides, message board and more. (***)

CORBA - Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association - network for mountain bikers which provides several mailing lists, biking skills classes, trail building and trail maintenance.

Crash & Burn - Pictures of crashes and links. (**)

Cyber Cyclery - Information, directories, links, events, manufacturers, classifieds and more.

Cyber Cyclery - News, information, classifieds

Dirt Rag Magazine - Online version of the popular mountain biking magazine.

Gearhead - Newsletter, discussions, gear guides, manufacturer guide, trail guide, classifieds and more. (****)

IceBike- Clothing and equipment reviews, techniques, articles,

Iditasport- Official site of the Alaskan bike  marathon. Also provides adventure sports and experimental education.

IMBA - News, resources, membership priviledges and more. (***)

Mountain Bike Racer - Racing guide and result community listing mostly East Coast races and places to ride. (**)

mtbInfo -

mtbOnline.net -

mtbr -

mtbREVIEW - Great site with reviews, links, communities, trail finder and more. (****)

Pink Bike - Trail listing, events, buy and sell section, store and more for BC, Canada. (****)

Snow Biking Central - Equipment guides, tips, tricks, clothes, links and more. (***)

Treelined Mountain Bike Resource - Online resources with trails, mechanics, fitness, books, travel, a bikers forum, and a marketplace

Web Mountain Bike -

Winter Cycling - Tips and guide on winter cycling.

X-Bike - Equipment guides and ratings, tips, resources, trail listings and guides and more. (****)





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