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Cool Sites (for European Sites click here)


Adventure Cycling Association -

AllStarRacingSports - News and info about professional cyclists and races.

American Bicycle Racing - Promotes the sport of bicycle racing. (***)

American Cycling Association -

American Cup Series -

Association Of Pedestrian And Bicycle Professionals -

Bicycle Channel - Ezine with news, stories, photos, ads, event videos and interviews.

Bicycle Exchange - Ezine with reviews, calendars and more.

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute -

Bicycle Online -

Bicycle Paper - Monthly newspaper for the northwest US and British Columbia.

Bicycle Wire - Daily news and links to racing, advocacy, industry trends, work bikes, touring, art, and technology. (***)

Bicycle Racing Online - Racing news, resources and more. (*)

Bicycling Life - News, how-to's, tour listings, safety advice and more.

Bicycling Magazine - News and info about riding, cycling gear, cycling fitness, traveling, fitness and more. (****)

Bike Scene -

Bike Reader - Collection of stories, experiences and news from various places. (***)

Bike-Zone.com - US and European racing results as well as news, gear reviews and local events.

Bikelane - Links to biking site, clubs, advocacy groups, racing lists, etc

Bikereg.com - Online bicycle event listings.

Bike Register - Register your bike online to help reduce theft and recover stolen bikes..

Canadian Cycling Association -

Cyber Cyclery - Information, directories, links, events, manufacturers, classifieds and more.

CyclingFan - Resources and links to online racing, teams and clubs.

Cyclingnews.com -

First Union Cycling Series -

League of American Bicyclists - Organization that promotes bicycling awareness and safety. Site has listing of clubs, tour groups, events, advocacy info and more. (***)

National Bicycle Greenway - Organization that promotes bicycle usage, trails and pathways that connect cities and states.

NCCA Collegiate Cycling -

NYC cycling maps - Download cycling maps of NYC

Slowtwitch.com - Product and technical reviews, training guides and more. (****)

Team Internet - Virtual racing club that promotes the cycling community.

The Bicycle Exchange -

USA Cycling Online - Cycling site offering guides, reace/events, club info, places to ride and more. (****)

Velo News - Race coverage, news, event listings, training tips, links, resources and more.(****)




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