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AllSearchEngines.com -

Beaucoup! - Enormous listing (over 1000) of search engines on a wide variety of topics. (****)

Directory Guide - Lists over 350 search engines and directories by category.

NSW HSC Search Engines Page -

Search Engine Colossus -

SearchEngineGuide.com -

Search Engine Watch - Guide to search engines broken down into categoreis, topics, tips, how search engines work, listings and more. (***)

Search It All -

SearchPower.com -

Skyworm -

Super Seek - Lists over 1100 search engines. Also lists content and media websites.

Yahoo's Searching the Web - Great resource listing engines, directories, portals, robots, spiders and more. (***)

W3 Search Engines - Excellent guide to search engines and data miners for the internet. Also lists software for information searching and more from the Centre Universitaire d'Informatique.









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