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100 Hot Sites - Listing of the hottest 100 web sites based on internal and authentic reviews.

Andyco.com - Cool site about nothing really. Articles, news and more.

Browsers.com -

Life Minders - Set up all of your appointments, birthdays, holidays and special events here. LifeMinders will provide tips and reminders.

Board games Center - Play board games online. (**)

Cool Home Pages - Lists of well designed home pages for personal, corporate, web design and more. (***)

Internet Cafe Guide - Search through over 2600 cybercafes in over 128 countries.

Internet ScamBusters - Designed to help you protect yourself from Internet scams, misinformation and hype. The result of watching hundreds of companies receive wrong information and pseudo hype while trying to learn how to use the internet to successfully promote their businesses, in which many have been ripped off and burned badly.

Web Guide Magazine -

SNAP! Online -

SPAM Attack Pro -

Matrix Information and Directory Services, Inc. -

Internet Domain Survey -- From Network Wizards

The Internet Society -

NSFNET Backbone Statistics -

The Hermes Project -

Internet Statistics (by Language) - From Euro-Marketing Associates

Irresponsible Internet Statistics Generator -

World Wide Web Chamber of Commerce - Helping web businesses grow and maintain business ethics.


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