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General Health- (****) - Full of information, shopping, find the pollen count in your area, news, search the drug database and more. (****) - Loads of information on fitness, sports, nutrition and weight management. Log your exercise and training and ask experts questions. (****) - Herbal remedy information site. (**)

eNutrition - Thousands of health and nutrition products. Energy and endurance supplements.

Global Health & Fitness - Directories of informational sites and trainers as well as recipes, articles, fitness tips and more. (****)

@Health - Information and resources about mental health.

HealthAtoZ -

HealthGate - Helth information for men, women, kids and the elderly in categories such as food, nitrition, sports, travel, medications, sexuality and more.  (***)

Healthscout - News site all about health with information and resources on health and health related topics. (****)

Fitness Partner Connection Jumpsite! - This site has a fitness library, fitness forum, activity calorie calculator, eating style analysis, and more. (not yet rated)

Health Risk Assessment - Free in-depth assessment of your current health and habits versus others in your age group. You may choose to set up your own personal health "ticker" - a confidential profile that is automatically updated with research or publications in your indicated areas of interest. (not yet rated)

HealthWWWeb - Focusing on natural health and alternative therapies, the site has introductory articles on such topics as acupuncture and herbal medicines, and more focused articles on vegetarian diets and nutritional food substitutes. (not yet rated)

Intellihealth -

Just Move! - Fitness news, events, a national fitness database, an exercise diary, and more. (not yet rated)

Kids' Health Matters - - A directory of fitness clubs, nutrition database, library, and other resources. (not yet rated)

Lifelines Health Page - A collection of health, medicine and fitness resources in English and Spanish. (not yet rated)

Mediconsult -

MyHealthNotes - Lots of health informationas well as area where you can enter and track your personal health.

New England Journal of Medicine - Expert opinions backed by authoritative research. Full-text articles published in the weekly journal, with searching capability. Professional focus with valuable content. ****

The National Library of Medicine - Offers published data sheets, symposia proceedings, and results of studies. Very informative. (****) - Excellent source of health information from online discussions, city guides, reports, ask questions and more. (****)

Sickbay - Info on

Sweet Thoughts - interactive community that provides resources to live a healthy and well-balanced life with diabetes. (**)

ThriveOnline -

Triathlete Online - A comprehensive resource-articles, race results, a bulletin board, and magazine. (not yet rated)

Two Apples - up-to-date on news, treatments and solutions from both traditional and alternative healthcare sources.




Digital Men - Fitness, news, fashion and more. (***)

Men's Fitness Online - Online edition of Men's Fitness magazine explores health, sports, sex and more. (not yet rated)







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