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Barnes & Noble -

Blockbuster Music - Entertainment store containing over 145,000 music titles, audio samples, reviews, accessories and Sneak Previews on titles before street date. All categories. (Not yet rated)

BMG Music - Click Here to choose 11 Free CDs! Music - Books, music and more. Partnered with -

CD Connection - CD only store with over 200,000 titles and free shipping for orders over $100. More than a quarter-million consumer reviews and ratings from the Golden Ears Society. (**)

CD Europe - CD Europe is a US based importer of CDs, vinyl LPs, cassettes, music videos, laser discs and other music-related merchandise. (Not yet rated) - Contains discography, reviews, album information and RealAudio sound clips. 30 day money back guarantee. (Not yet rated)

CD Universe - Charts, searches, reviews, videos, create your own CD and a newsletter. (Not yet rated)

CDeMusic - Comprehensive collection of new noncommercial music CDs. (Not yet rated) - Music, movies, games and more.

Columbia House Online - Online gateway to Columbia House clubs. Must become a member and be bound to purchase agreement. Specials do not count towards purchase requirements and shipping is high. (*)

eMusic - - Buy and sell used books, music, movies and games. (***)

Get Music - Part of, allows you to find hard to get titles and extensive search capabilities. (***) Music Store - CD's, DVD's, and more. (****)

K-Tel Express - Offers classic mixes along with non-K-tel tunes. (Not yet rated)

Music For A Song - Hard to find and out of print titles.

Music Machine - Specializes in new releases, rare records and compact discs. (Not yet rated)

Past Perfect - Music of the 20's, 30's and 40's digitally remastered (Not yet rated) - Online store with various genres. Partnered with (Not yet rated)

Second Spin - A site for buying and selling used CDs & movies. (Not yet rated)

Sony Music Direct - Buy directly from Sony. Buy 2 or more CD's and shipping is free.

Tower Records - Virtual music store with wide variety of titles. (Not yet rated) - Offers consumers access to a large body of rich, interactive music content, a selection of music products (currently over 250,000) and online shopping. (Not yet rated)

Twin/Tone Records - Some of these titles are available through distributors, some are available only through this site, some titles are not available at all... soon some titles will be available only by electronic download.  (Not yet rated)

UBL Music Store - One of the largest databases of music information on the Internet now sells CD's, tapes, vinyl, and movies. (Not yet rated)

Virgin Megastore - Buy music from this entertainment megastore. (***)

Worldwide Music - Online music store allows you to listen to 30-second sound samples from over 40,000 albums before you buy. (Not yet rated)







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