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Video In Stores Now Go directly to this major online retailer's video store. Find the videos you want and save up to 30 %. (not yet rated)

Blockbuster Video - Latest Blockbuster video releases, music and games information. (not yet rated) - Video section of this media megastore.

Bottom Dollar - Compare prices on books, CDs, software, hardware, toys, sporting goods and movies. (not yet rated) - Order that movie you have been looking for. (not yet rated) - Online superstore has movies also! Go directly to the DVD page. (not yet rated) - Music, movies, games and more.

Columbia House - Check out the DVD's at Columbia House. Must join club to purchase and be bound to purchase agreement. Shipping is high. (not yet rated)

DVD Action - Search for DVD's, DVD players and accessories.

DVD City - Buy DVD's and DVD equipment.

DVD Express - DVD movies for sale, plus latest information on new movie releases, important DVD developments, contests, specials and more. (not yet rated)

DVDwave - Large online retailer with comparable prices. Buy or rent, alos music and software available. Free standard delivery. (***)

EntertainMe - - Buy and sell used books, music, movies and games. (***)

J&R Music World - CD's, DVD's, and more.

MovieTown - Only sells movies.

NetFlix - Rent or buy DVDs on the Web at NetFlix. (not yet rated)

New Releases Video: Online Discount Warehouse - Features searchable database of over 30,000 films from the 1910's to the hottest new releases. (not yet rated)

Reel - The Planet's Biggest Movie Store - Movies to rent, buy, and sell, a movie guide, and new movie info. (not yet rated)

ReplayDVD -

ShopPBS - Browse over 1,000 PBS selections and preview select video clips! (not yet rated)

Superstar Video Store -

Total E - Enormous selection of music and videos as well as descriptions, reviews, daily news feeds, charts and more (not yet rated)

T rue Romantics Movies - Online movie store specializing in romantic video and DVD movies. (not yet rated)

Video Marketplace - Shop-at-home source for thousands of videos. (not yet rated)

Videoflicks - Online order entry system, 65,000 movies and videos. (not yet rated) - Complete home video store offers more than 85,000 VHS, over 700 DVDs, and 1900 plus laserdiscs. (not yet rated)

Virgin Megastore - Buy DVD's online from this entertainment megastore.








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