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Acronym Finder - Everything from A-OK to SNAFU.

AltaVista Translations -

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - Unlimited quotations.

BioMedNet - Internet community for biological and medical researchers.

Chemical Elements - Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements with different views available.

ChemWeb - Database of chemical structures, patents, websites, chemical journals and more. Also has shopping mall with software, equipment and books.

CIA World Factbook - What's the population of London? How many airports does Brazil have? Find out here.

Elsevier - News, publications, resources and more about science.

Engineering Information - News, publications, magazines, newsletters, databases of information in categories such as engineering, computing, paper/materials and oil/gas. (***)

International Lyrics Server - Best searchable lyrics database on the web - over 100,000 songs!

Making It Count - Information on selecting the right college or university, financial aid, - hear from other students.

Online Dictionaries - Search for a word plus a listing of dictionaries for over 140 languages - including Klingon.

PC Webopaedia - Online encyclopedia

Roget's Thesauraus - Take your old-fashioned print version and use it as a door-stop!

ScienceDirect - Access to more than 1100 scientific, medical and technical journals.

Semantic Rhyming Dictionary -








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