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Reporting Companies


Ovum - Independent research and consulting company providing research and reports on a variety of topics. (***)

Powerize.com - Offers reports on a variety of topics. (**)


Research Companies


Forrester Research -

Ovum - Independent research and consulting company providing research and reports on a variety of topics. (***)


Information Online


Ask Jeeves - Type in a question and you will receive an answer.

Britannica Online - Available only to subscribers. The entire contents of the Encyclopedia Britannica are available on this site.

Central Intelligence Agency - Provides valuable information on all the countries of the world, as well as worldwide aggregate statistics using the World Factbook.

Discover - Contains the complete text of Discover magazine's current issue, as well as a searchable archive, listings for television counterpart the Discovery Channel, a directory of other science-related Web sites, and a marketplace for Discovery-related items (videos, books, etc.).

Discovery Channel Online - Stories, articles and info on history, science and more.

eLibrary - Search through printed and electronic media here.

Encyclopedia.com -

exp.com - The expert experience - find a technology expert here and ask questions.

The History Net - Includes information on world and U.S. history, a daily quiz, personality profiles, and selected magazines. Sponsored by the Cowles History Group

infoplease.com - News and information on a variety of topics including sports, entertainment, business, computers, and a daily almanac.

KnowX.com - Public records contain valuable information that can help you solve problems both at home and at work. KnowX.com provides real-time access to billions of public records. You must register (for free) to use this service.

Secret Stuff - Things you're not supposed to know.

U.S. Census Bureau - Excellent and authoritative information about the U.S. is available from this site. Includes statistics on population as well as education, economy, law enforcement, births, deaths, income, poverty, law enforcement, and agriculture. All information is available free of charge.

Virtual Reference Desk - A collection of links to free reference resources of all types on the Web, ranging in content from biographies to weights and measures. Also includes links to networks (such as A&E Biography) and other topic-specific sites. Good starting place for research, but you will ultimately bookmark your chosen resources and bypass this page.

XpertSite - ask questions to the experts.



Information Services


infomarco.com - Information Markets Corp - anonymously match seekers of information with providers of information. infomarco.com provides the mechanisms by which buyers of information find sellers, as well as information necessary to judge the caliber of different experts, and the infrastructure necessary to move the information quickly and securely

Powerize.com - Information and content from more than 2,400 sources.







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