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The right way to learn.

   Finding the right way to learn is as important as finding the right thing to learn. Where should you go and what kind of program is right for you?

   Often, a class will not be taken because it does fit into someone's schedule, or an accelerated class is needed but only extended evening classes are available. Whatever the case is several things need to be considered when considering taking a class.

Type of training



When this is right


Teacher provides instant answers
Classroom provides peers and support

Restricted to time schedule
Higher price

Accelerated learning is required
Interaction with teacher is required


Can learn on one's own time
Lowest price

Alone in study

For those who can study on their own

CBT (Computer Based Training)

Can learn on one's own time
Provides structured curriculum

Support is limited to what materials will supply

For those who need a curriculum but not time restrictions

Web based

Structured curriculum
May actually watch online class with teacher
May be able to interact with online teacher

May not provide instant answers
Course can be instantly updated

For those who need a curriculum

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