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Development Tools


Homepage Creator - Great web page designer with built in ecommerce tools. Lacks in promotional tools.





e-Commerce Times - Resources, news, tips for small businesses, message boards and more.

Oracle Exchange - provides open e-business marketplaces that enable Internet supply chain networks to dramatically increase purchasing and operating efficiencies

SellItOnTheWeb - Great e-commerce resource center (****)


Incorporate an Auction


Auctions.com - Company providing ecommerce solutions such as live auctions. Network of co-branded websites.


Shared Sites


ShopBiz - Put up your online store here for free and pay as you sell. (not rated yet)

FiberHost - E-Commerce Web Hosting. Build your own online store within minutes! Free 30-Day Trial (not rated yet)




Frictionless Commerce Incorporated - Offers comparison shopping for websites in a variety of categories. Become a merchant to be part of the comparison.




2Order - 2order Marketplace - software that personalizes buying and selling experiences while enabling sales of customized products and services on the Internet and other platforms

eFalcon - Powerful and intelligent fraud detection and risk management service available for online merchants that can tell the difference between legitimate shoppers and fraudulent shoplifters.

Inference - Provides software and services for CRM and e-commerce. (****)

Kanisa - E-commerce portal that cannects products and services with customers and provides personalized service and interactive guidance.

OpenMarket - High end storefront creator with design and graphics fetures, database integrator, accounting services and more.


Virtual Stores


Vstore - Create multiple storefronts using Vstore as the host, supplier, transaction facilitator and shipper. (***)








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