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Acer -

Apple - Apple products, support, news, design and publishing information, where to buy, company news and more.

Compaq - Configure and price your own PC for the home or office. Offers product info, support, business services, news, and online backup, auction, postage and other services. (***)

Dell - Find out everything about Dell and it's products. Learn about leasing/PC disposal, new products, accessories, refurbished equipment, online software store, Dell services and more. (****)

Gateway - Technical support is available online as well as product information. Shop through the SpotShop for accessories and software. Read through YourWare to find out about financing and trade ins.

Hewlett-Packard -


Micron - Search through the online home office or small business stores to configure, price and check out the accessories and services available. Also has online solutions for home office and small business as well as online service and support. (**)


Sony - Learn about products and technology, find a dealer, receive support, monitors, digital cameras, storage solutions and much more. (***)

Toshiba - Receive support and product information as well as company news and updates. Configure and buy online as well as backup services and more. (***)

NextGen Computers - Online Custom Configurations - NexGen Technologies - custom computer systems built with quality components such as Intel, ASUS, Creative Labs, ATI, Diamond and Altec Lansing. Choose your options with NexGen's on-line configurator and receive instant price quotes at rock bottom prices!




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