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AltaVista -

Angelfire Communications - Free email and web space to members. Also has job searching tools and financial tools. - 10MB available with multiple domains.

ApexMail - 3MB of space.

Azpire Freemail - Free email with 6MB of space with option to buy 25MB of space with no ads. (****)

Big Mail Box - Create your own address using the domains provided.

Care2 - For environmental and animal lovers.

Fetchmail - 5MB of space.

Fiberia - Permanent free email.

Go Network -  Get free e-mail account, build your own free Web siteŚwith unlimited pages, participate in chats, message boards and clubs.

Hotmail - Free email service owned by Microsoft with 2MB of space.

iName - 5MB of space available with different domain names.

Lycos - - 5MB available with many different domain names.

MailCity - From Lycos, has 6MB for email, storage, wireless access and more.

My Own Email - Choose from over 200 domains as the portion after the @ in your email address. 50 MB of storage.

Net Address - Free email from -

Yahoo! -  Get instant notification when you have new messages with Yahoo! Pager





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