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BrushstrokesArt.com - An Original Vision of Art



Art.com -

Art Brokerage - Sells works by lesser known and emerging artists.

Art Crawl - Artists update their own pages on this site.

Art Sellers - Buy and sell all kinds of artwork.

Art XL - Self enlightening art.

ArtAmerica - Buy and sell art.

Artcult - Information about recent auctions, sales, advice, artist bios, news and more. Also lists worldwide auctions, exhibits and sales.

Articles - Accessories, gifts, collectibles, articles all with an artistic edge. Lawn & Garden, bathroom, kitchen, vases and picture frames are just a few of the categories.

ArtisanGifts.com - Read reviews and browse through works from over 1,600 artists and buy online.

ArtMecca - Search the database of original art and purchase online.

ArtNet - Books, prints, auctions, auction listings, artist profiles, galleries, gallery listings, museum listings and more.

ArtQuest - Search the database of art for sale by the artists themselves. This site will put you in contact with the artist.

Atelier - Buy famous art reproductions here.

B & R Art Galleries - Original works by lesser known artists.

BrushstrokesArt.com - Oil on canvas paintings indistinguishable from the originals. Request free catalog here.

Coastal Canvas - Canvas prints of seascapes and beach wildlife.

DART - Search through the Internet Database of Art to select find one of 8,500 works of art from 1,600 artists and buy directly from the artist.

Fine Art - Buy and sell art, auctions, search by artist and more.

Greggie Fine Art - Original prints and drawings from the 18th to 20th centuries.

Guild.com - Over 3,000 comtemporary works of art for sale.

Heritage Historical Prints - Original prints from the 17th to 19th centuries. Some have the story behind the print.

iCollector - Online art collectors guide with auctions, auction listings, price guides, appraisers,  exhibitions and more. (****)

IncredibleArt - Posters, original art, framed art, animation and more. (**)

MOMA Online Store - Furniture, fashion, kitchen, lighting, books, CD's and more.

NextMonet - Great source for contemporary art.

Paintings Direct - Browse through the thousands of original contemporary paintings for sale here. All artists are professional and there is a money back gaurantee.

The Artifact- Reproductions of artifacts from ancient Egypt, Greek, Roman, medieval, Russian  and more. Also archeological news, info, events and links.

The Williams Gallery of Fine Art - Paintings, prints, digital artwork, sculptures and more are available here.

UTrade -




i/us.com - Largest dedicated graphics software site on the web!









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