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BrushstrokesArt.com - An Original Vision of Art

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Absolute Art - Galleries of artists, artists can submit work to be advertised here, art supplies, art books, classes and more. (***)

ArtDaily - This site features art news, listings of fairs, auctions, exhibitions, museums and more. (****)

ArtPrice.com - Find out info about a piece of artwork such as date last sold, price sold for, etc. Fee based service. (***)

Arts Wire - News conferencing system offering news, resources, services, tutorials, help for nonprofit organizations and more. (***)

CultureFinder - Search for music, theater, opera, dance and visual arts events across the US. Also find ticket specials, tutorials, links, resources and more. (****)

WetCanvas! - Art site featuring education, tutorials, gallery, critiques, news, books, videos and more.

PhotoMasterpieces - PhotoMasterpieces are oil paintings on canvas, created from your own photograph. You can create family portraits, immortalize pets, improve your corporate image, or completely enchant your love.

Photowow.com - Turn your photos into artwork, gifts and more.

Web Museum Paris- List of artists with links to biographical info and thumnails of their artwork. List of themes with links to artists, history and thumbnails of each theme.









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